Neuroplasticity – Retraining our brain to get rid of bad habits

Over twenty years ago I stopped smoking cigarettes. Up until then I was smoking 21/2 packs a day. I didn’t have the will power to stop, but I had a strong desire to stop. I got hypnotized. And it worked for me. Now I help others stop smoking using hypnotism.

This Way Up

“What were once vices are now habits.”

It is strange to be known so universally and yet to be so lonely.

The Doobie Brothers

Habits are hard to break, but understanding how they are created in our brain is the first step in breaking them.

No one likes having bad habits – smoking, over-eating, drinking too much – they are often expensive and usually bad for our health.

*I know there is a lot more to smoking  than just the habitual behaviors. Cigarettes are filled with chemicals that serve no other purpose than to addict the smoker. And I’m well aware of the fact that alcoholism is not a habitual behavior. But I’m talking about habits here, not addiction.

In terms of habits, think of it like…

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