Build a Body You Can Be Proud Of

Tipping the Scales book-coverI attended the 27th Annual National Guild of Hypnotists Convention. I took a class with Rosemarie Schulman and was inspired by her knowledge of weight loss and weight management using hypnosis.

Rosemarie Schulman RN, BA, CH, CI my Saturday, September 13th guest author at noon on Meet The Author w/ Heddy Keith. We will discuss her book Tipping the Scales.

Rosemarie says, “My issues with food started in high school and developed into an eating disorder in my 20’s. Food was a representation of love and being Italian, food means love. When you’re 24 pounds overweight, your image of yourself suffers. The responses and reactions you make to situations are influenced by your perception of who you are.”

I feel it is extremely important for you to know as much as you can about the defining factors that distinguish overweight and obesity. If you are somebody who needs to lose weight, this program can help you accomplish that. If you are someone who has lost weight and is finding it difficult to keep it off, this program can help you deal with that in a positive way.

If you are some-body who is not dealing with the medical profession on your weight loss journey, you need to be aware of the risks involved in going it alone. As a medical professional, I would advise everybody to seek medical advice before starting this or any other program. My goal with this program is to set you on a path that will bring you to the point where you can safely and permanently make a physical and mental change and finally accomplish your goals.

I was brought up surrounded by medical professionals and have spent my life listening to good sound medical advice. I became a registered nurse and married a man who spent his life dedicated to helping others. Harold Schulman MD and I opened a medical practice dealing with medical issues concerning women. Fen/Phen was introduced to the public at this time and we were overwhelmed with patients asking for prescriptions. We decided to develop the program and monitor the results. It was very important to teach and encourage compliancy. The program was very successful and we talked other professionals into following our protocols.

Rosemarie found that as long as the patient was monitored weekly they did fine but when left all on their own they returned to their old habits. Identifying this, she searched for tools that would help these patients on a long-term basis. Self-hypnosis was the answer and she has used it in her practice ever since. Together she and her husband published a book entitled “Tipping The Scales – It’s Not About Dieting, It’s About Living”. This book only managed to heighten her interest in the topic of weight management.  She worked with a group of bariatric surgeons at the New York MedicalCollege and it was there that Rosemarie discovered her need to deal with the obesity issue in a hands-on constructive way. Rosemarie says, “Surgeons do an amazing job changing the anatomy, but nobody’s changing the mind.”

As destiny would have it, she met Marion Kilkenny whom she discovered was equally as interested in the topic of obesity and gastric surgery. “Together we have worked many hours, met many clients, presented many classes and created the only program of its kind dedicated to the long-term success of the bariatric patient. In fact this program applies to anybody who is in the need of help to lose weight or is dealing with a serious weight loss. This program is for you if you are finding that you are losing your determination to either reach your goal or to maintain the goal you have already achieved.”

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