REPOST: Pain, poor sleep: Relationship goes both ways

Dr. Michael Steuer

Difficulty of achieving a good night’s sleep is not uncommon amongst patients who have just recently undergone surgery. Read the article below to know just how close and complex the relationship between pain and poor sleep can be.

The connection between sleep problems and pain is a complicated one — and goes both ways, new research suggests. |
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Anyone who has ever struggled for sleep while recovering from injury or surgery knows that pain can ruin a good night’s rest. People who suffer from chronic pain know it all too well.

But fewer people may know that the relationship between sleep and pain seems to go both ways.

“People who have pain have more sleep problems, but people who have sleep problems also have more pain,” says Daniel Clauw, a rheumatologist who directs a chronic pain and fatigue research center at the University of Michigan.

The sleep…

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