The Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

By Sharon Glembocki CHt

Most of us are well versed in the mind/body/spirit connection. We have moved well past the limited awareness that arose at the start of the scientific revolution in the 1700′s and deepened in the 20th century. The split between these three spheres of our consciousness was man created, as science and religion diced us, and this deepened when the mind/body/spirit trinity was replaced with the scientific / medical model. This split created an imbalance and inner conflict arose within us.images Mind body soul 7

Life is about balance and true abundance includes this self-actualization. Many people are aware that they are missing something in their lives, but they don’t quite know what it is they lack. They may feel that they need more money to be happy, a perfect relationship to feel whole, a super body to be loved. It isn’t until a person realizes that they are not just a body, not just a mind, and not just a soul/spirit, and comes to a point in their lives where they are ready to transcend to a higher, healthier and balanced level of existence that they find what they are missing. Developing a balanced life will help you to unearth the awesomeness within you.

In order to develop a balanced life, you need to be able to acknowledge the fact that you are: mind, body, and spirit. The three are interconnected, not separate from the other. They are alive in everything you do. Strengths and weaknesses in one area can influence all other areas.

A few basic needs of the Mind Body Spirit:

Mind: Needs creativity, knowledge and a sense of security. Your mind is always ready to learn new things. Be sure that you feed it healthy, positive and thought provoking experiences. Try to keep from overindulging in useless behavior that will pollute your thoughts and possibly create addictions that are difficult to overcome and prevent you from achieving balance in your life.

Body: Needs movement, nutrition and rest. This is the house of the mind and the soul while here on earth. If you don’t take care of your body, where will the rest of you live? Good nutrition, daily exercise, and adequate rest help you feel your best and contribute to your mind health, can help with focus, and can help the body resist disease and even enhance spiritual growth.

Spirit: Requires purpose, faith and meaningful relationships. Your spirit is a living part of you that needs nourishment just like your mind and body. Many people find this nourishment through prayer and meditation.  Build your faith and find your purpose. Relationships, hope, faith and love all rely on the strength of your spirit.  Cultivate true relationships that can help awaken your spiritual side.

Example of Mind Body Spirit inner connectedness and conflict:

If you think negatively, your body will suffer from stress. Stress can cause disease and hasten the aging process just to mention a few concerns. If you think positively, your body relaxes and becomes more resistant to diseases and you age more gracefully. Your spirit seeks beauty and there is beauty in everything. When a person can’t see the beauty in all humans, animals and plants, they find enjoyment in negative things.  This is because they are so far away from their true selves and they only feed their addictive ego for a temporary false high. Positive ways to feed the soul/spirit is in kind words of appreciation, seeing the beauty in nature’s creations, sitting in your garden, and talking with your loved one(s) from the heart. The list goes on…

When you nurture all three aspects of you equally, you get a perfect balance, nourishment and growth within all of you. This gives you great health, pure positivity and happiness. You feel free and secure, you lose fear and you get into the flow of life. Once you start your journey to balance, you will discover things about yourself that were hidden from your consciousness—some good and some not so good. Each experience is an awakening, and the discoveries on your new journey to self-actualization are nothing short of amazing. You will know when you have reached an awakening.  The experience is true bliss.

If stress is something you live with and would like to work at lessening or eliminating harmful stress in your life, Hypnotherapy may work for you. Hypnotherapy can replace negative thoughts in the subconscious with more appropriate thoughts; thoughts that ultimately feed the body, mind, and soul/spirit so that you can live a happy and balanced lifestyle.

Give Hypnosis a try…

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