When I first came to HK Hypnosis, I felt in touch with my eating habits even though they were dysfunctional. Now there has been an unconscious shift. My mind is different.I am not behaving the way around food. If you ask me what has happened, it’s hard to put it into conscious words. When I step back and look at these positive changes, I say Wow–I’m not the same. I’m healing.     Leslie D.

“In the beginning I was a bit skeptical about the idea of hypnosis. I had the misconception that if I fall asleep, all the information will go through one ear and out the other, I didn’t think it would actually work, and I also thought it would not be effective. I knew that in order to enjoy the full experience, I had to be open to the possibilities of what was to come after my session. Since I did hypnosis with HK Hypnosis I have been really feeling great and have seen lots of improvement within weeks. Hypnosis has helped me to take back control of my life; it has helped me improve my overall productivity with my time management between business and family as well as helping me to stay motivated to do the things that I have been putting off. I’ve only completed one session and my life has changed and continues to move in the direction that I desire for myself and my family. I look forward to a follow up session to see what other improvements I will experience going forward.”  Jolie B.


“I have always been on a holistic path of healing so the idea of hypnosis did not bring out the skeptical side of me. I’ve been in search of a hypnotherapist to help me take back control of my life and change old habits which I knew would help to progress my growing fitness consulting business. What I really liked about the HK Hypnosis program was that it not only helped me to relax and rest more, but also to increase overall productivity for myself and my family in which I saw changes within the first week. The questions that she asks really help to bring out the goals I set forth to accomplish with the assistance of my sub-conscious mind. I highly recommend hypnotherapy to those who can agree to leave the misconceptions of healing the body in a holistic manner at the door. It helped me a ton.”  Rob B.


“The sessions were great. I love the softness of your voice… it made it easy for me to relax.  This experience has opened me up to the possibilities that lay ahead of me.  I feel stronger, more self- confident, and guilt free. I’m now taking care of myself thanks to you.”     J. Durrett

HK Hypnosis has helped me stay focused while dieting and keep the weight I lost off. To date, I have lost 22 lbs. My sessions reinforced my goal to reclaiming my body & my sex appeal. I definitely would recommend HK Hypnosis to anyone looking to change their life for the better.      L. Minor

I started seeing Heddy in September 2014 for what I consider a Diet Coke addiction.  I had been drinking about 6 cans or more a day for many years.  My goal was to drink more water and significantly reduce the amount of Diet Coke I drank and ultimately stop drinking it completely. After just one session I was down to 2 cans per day, a significant reduction.  I have maintained this level for a few months now and am working toward completely eliminating it from my diet. I feel better both physically and emotionally and am happy to be making healthier choices in terms of what I drink.  I have tried to kick this habit many times in the past and I believe Heddy, through her hypnosis sessions, has helped get me where I wanted to be.     Ann

I’ve been working with Heddy Keith of HK Hypnosis for several months.  Initially I wanted to improve my golf scores, so we worked on visualizing desired results and lowering my anxiety.  It worked!  When the golf season ended, realizing these techniques were applicable to other areas of my life, I’ve continued my sessions.  The opportunities for positive changes are limitless.  I would highly recommend Heddy’s services.         Terri S.

I love working with Heddy because she truly cares about her clients. My sessions with her are in depth and productive. She has a way of making you feel safe enough to open up and get to the heart of the matter without one ounce of judgment. I’ve worked with Heddy on a few topics but one in particular was her help in preparation for an important presentation I was giving. The messages she offered during our session grounded me yet lifted me up with confidence — and it worked! The mind is a beautiful tool and my experience with Heddy and hypnosis has been powerful!         Meg Daly


One thought on “Testimonials

  1. Hedy is a very warm and intuitive hypnotherapist.
    Anxiety and Night Eating Syndrome were areas where I within weeks, saw a positive change and reduction.
    Her caring and knowledge are integral to the power and help of hypnosis.

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