Post Traumatic Stress In The Black Community Workshop

August 13, 2017 The National Guild of Hypnotists Convention, Marlboro, MA.

Post Traumatic Stress Workshop

October 17, 2017, Milwaukee, Chapter National Guild of Hypnotists

Dealing Effectively with Stress           

September 13, 2016,   University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee SCE


Do you often feel overwhelmed, stressed, drained, or anxious? Too much stress destroys your peace of mind, interferes with your thinking and can actually do harm to your body. According to the American Medical Association stress is in close relation to 80% of illnesses; it can be a direct cause of illness. This not only affects you, it affects those closest to you as well. In this lecture, you’ll learn: How to identify the types of stress and how hypnosis and self-hypnosis can reduce stress.

Diabetes and Hypnotherapy

May 24, 2016,             University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee SCE


One in three U.S. adults has hypertension. Someone you know probably has it. Only about three-quarters of people with high blood pressure are being treated for it, and only 54 percent have it in control. Diet and exercise are important in managing diabetes and hypertension. Hypnosis has a long history of helping people to attain and maintain an ideal and healthy weight. Hypnosis can help you more easily comply with the recommendations of your doctor. This almost always includes prescription medication and lifestyle changes. In this lecture, you’ll learn: How hypnosis can help you manage diabetes and hypertension.

Hypnosis for Weight Management

May 3, 2016,       University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee SCE


Do you struggle with weight or stress? Have you tried everything to shed pounds? Are you frustrated with how you look and feel? If you battle with mood swings or emotional eating patterns, join us for this engaging lecture. Shedding pounds and keeping them off is a lifestyle change that begins in the mind. Our minds control our bodies. Hypnosis can help you reframe your mind to help shed pounds. Emotions can derail the perfect diet. In this lecture you’ll learn what works and how hypnosis can help you drop unwanted pounds, feel good, and look good.

Refresh and Relax with Hypnosis

August 4, 2015,           University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee SCE


Relax with hypnosis. Hypnosis is one of the fastest growing fields of human achievement. Hypnosis can help people who are frustrated because nothing else has helped them achieve their goals. They have tried every other avenue that they can think of without success. You can use hypnosis whether you are trying to overcome an old problem or if you want to grow to a new level of personal achievement. In this lecture, we will discuss the benefits of hypnosis and how it can help you. Experience a relaxing hypnosis session.

The Amazing Power of Hypnosis

July 24, 2015,             University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee SCE


Hypnosis can help you change your life. Discover the history of hypnosis and how the power of your subconscious mind can help you change. Hypnosis is used to stop smoking, lose weight, reduce stress, help manage pain, increase athletic performance, for insomnia, and much more. In this lecture, we discuss the benefits of hypnosis. You will experience a brief hypnosis session.